There's a better way to manage your programs.

The all-in-one enrollment, billing, payments, and back office software that keeps you rockin' and enrollin', without breaking the bank.

No technical skills required.

Enrollsy is a feature-rich platform built to help enrollment-based businesses fill their programs to capacity and then manage them using secure, cloud technologies.

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Get a full-service implementation and transform your spreadsheets into powerful, accurate, searchable, and organized data. Simply enjoy a pressure-free evaluation of Enrollsy's features and benefits.


Parent portal

Online enrollment

Program management

Parent Portal

Give your parents the freedom and control they want, while freeing yourself from the administrative burden of data entry and taking payments.


Simple, fast, easy enrollment

Manage payments

Enable auto-pay


Easily accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Our merchant account is guaranteed to meet or beat your current rates.


World-class security

Flat-rate pricing

Get paid faster


Effortlessly track every transaction. You'll have quick access to the information you need to interact confidently with your families.


Statements and receipts

Full and partial refunds

Quickbooks or ZipBooks

Classroom Management

Managing programs and classrooms is time-intensive. Enrollsy provides the tools you need to handle your day-to-day operations without requiring technical skills. You'll be able to realize benefits from day one.


Control gender ratios

Quickly and easily re-assign

Customize program and class names

View/print/email class rolls

Enable auto-pay

Quickly search and find any enrollee in your entire program

"I knew I was going to switch to Enrollsy the first time I saw it. My previous software was so overly complex and confusing. On top of that, Enrollsy was much more affordable!"

-Kathy W.

"We are able to enroll students and quickly place them in classrooms. Take payments and run credit cards very efficiently. Our school is very organized and runs smoothly thanks to Enrollsy."

-Melissa L.


Enrollsy was made for you and for them.

While our software goes well beyond enrollment, our focus on innovating and improving the enrollment experience is what makes us a valuable partner for any enrollment-based business.


By helping you remove friction at the point of sale using a more delightful enrollment experience, your customers get a great first impression and brand experience, no matter what industry you're in.

Enrollsy is an internet enrollment software and the easiest, most affordable way to convert potential customers into auto-paying enrollees. Not everything easy is affordable. Not everything affordable is easy. Our lofty promise at Enrollsy is to provide you with a solution that's both.

Parent and Teacher Apps Available


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