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Omega Insurance

1 Location in San Diego, CA + over 50 Agencies

Omega Insurance Company, SP was created to meet the special needs of niche markets and clientele. The innovative, unique approach to insurance is the hallmark of Omega Insurance. From the paradigm-breaking underwriting process to simple features and benefits, we are setting the new gold standard in Health Insurance for all to follow.

Their enrollment or back office dilemma:

We had been kicking around the idea of making it easier for the the insurance agencies we work with to enroll people in the specialty insurance we sell. We had tried to develop custom solutions with Zoho and other software providers that would streamline enrollment and premium payments, allow for HIPAA sensitive information to be collected and stored, and for electronic signatures on applications.

How Enrollsy helped them solve their dilemma:

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Enrollsy is an internet enrollment software and the easiest, most affordable way to convert potential customers into auto-paying enrollees. Not everything easy is affordable. Not everything affordable is easy. Our lofty promise at Enrollsy is to provide you with a solution that's both.

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