You've Probably Been Stretched Lately

Boy, haven’t we learned a lot over the last few months! More than ever before, we are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into new ways of living and working. There are so many forces now ushering us into worlds full of technology and an unknown virtual reality, causing us to learn and adapt like we’ve never expected! With each business and each family experiencing something slightly different, what is the one thing that we all have in common right now? The need for flexibility. Not just the ability to bend over backwards to meet the needs of your customers, but the ability to do so while your company runs itself in the background. We expect businesses, employers, spouses, and even our children to manage this new normal with an increased sense of flexibility. The good thing is, flexibility is made of two parts: flex and ability. That means it’s something you can develop, create, or find. If you don’t have it, now’s your chance to get it!

Quality Not Just Quantity

The piece that I think we tend to forget or miss out on is that flexibility shouldn’t just mean juggling a bunch of tasks at once. That leads to burn out, low-quality work, and unsatisfied customers. Flexibility should mean that you have the ability to be productive and efficient while maintaining a high level of quality in your work. The difference comes from the systems you have in place and the ways you handle the workload. Right now, you probably feel swamped by the amount of work that’s been piled on your shoulders and the expectations that have been set for you. These unexpected circumstances have helped us to realize what Enrollsy can really do to help.

Here at Enrollsy, we don’t have all the answers or the ability to solve a pandemic, but we do understand how a few of our strengths can help you accentuate yours:

Completely digital enrollments

Multiple payment options

Virtual content distribution

Waitlist management

Big tools for small businesses

Enrollsy was developed to enable businesses and customers to live more flexible lives, all done through the seamless integration of technology into the activities we have come to know and love. As life becomes increasingly hectic and stressful, our goal is to continue to find ways to make work easier! 

Do you have questions or want to know more about the features that make Enrollsy the most flexible system on the market? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. Worried about getting a call from us while your arms are full and want to schedule a time? No problem, we’re flexible! Use this link to schedule a time to check out the platform and how we can take work off your plate.