Preschools and daycare centers have a lot to account for. Each family typically pays an enrollment fee, recurring tuition, and other fees for each child they enroll. Additionally, they likely have supplies and other items they need to purchase on a regular basis. Add to that keeping track of payroll and contractor expenses and you've got a fairly complete picture of what an accounting system will need to provide.

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Enrollsy & Quickbooks

Enrollsy makes bookkeeping easy with our Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online integrations (see figure 1 below). Our integrations allow you to select a date range and sync the data in Enrollsy with Quickbooks. From new customers to invoices (called charges in Enrollsy), payments, credits, refunds, etc., these things all get updated in Quickbooks, removing the burden of manual bookkeeping.

Enrollsy's Quickbooks Online integration
Figure 1: Quickbooks Online Integration

How It Works

For most people, myself included, this integration sounds intimidating. But not to worry, we have people here at Enrollsy who can help you every step of the way. Essentially, the way it works is that each fee and discount item in your account gets tied to the correct spot in Quickbooks, ensuring that not only each customer's ledger gets updated properly, but that your P&L and other financials reflect what's going on in your business.

Quickbooks mappings in Enrollsy
Quickbooks mappings in Enrollsy
Quickbooks mappings in Enrollsy


If your software doesn't make it easy for you to do your bookkeeping, you might be paying more for manual bookkeeping than you do for our software, period! Learn more by booking a demo of Enrollsy today.