Can I refund (or partially refund) an electronic check or credit card payment in Enrollsy?

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14 Dec
4:14 pm

You can issue full and partial refunds of credit card transactions.

You can only issue full refunds of electronic check (ACH) transactions (partial refunds are not available).

First go to the Transaction History section of the Billing Tab of an Account:

Locate the payment to void or refund
  1. Then click the vertical dot menu button to the right of the credit card transactions you're wanting to refund.
  2. If the payment occurred today, you will see an option to "Void Payment". Voiding will prevent the payment from funding. If voiding is unsuccessful, you will have to wait until the next morning for the option to "Refund Payment" to appear.
Void Payment
  1. Click "Void Payment".
  2. Click confirm.
  3. You will see an error message if the time window to void the payment has expired.
Refund Payment
  1. Click "Refund Payment".
  2. Then leave the amount as is for a full refund, or change it to the desired partial refund amount.
  3. Click confirm.

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