Can I require an E-Signature document to be completed within a certain time frame?

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14 Dec
4:14 pm

You can require it, but there isn't a way to automate anything around the requirement. In other words, if someone doesn't sign a document by a certain date or time, what you do is really a matter of company policy.

Here are a few options that come to mind or that we have seen others use to encourage timely signatures:

  • Hover over the document in the Documents Tab and Click the remind button to send a manual reminder email (See figure 1)
  • Hover over the document in the Documents Tab and click the edit icon to double check that the email being used for signature is correct. If it's not, update the email and resend (See figure 2)
  • A more dramatic approach is to spell out the consequences of not signing the document by a certain date in an email or text communication - E.g. your reserved spot will be released and non-refundable payments will be forfeited
Figure 1
Figure 2
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