Can my customers pick their own schedule for auto-pay?

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14 Dec
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If a customer wants to do auto-pay on a different schedule than whatever you have set for the company, can you change their schedule?


All you need to do in order to set them up on their own custom auto-pay schedule is find out what schedule they want. Then update it in their account in Enrollsy using the Custom Auto-Pay Schedule/Notifications button.

Custom auto-pay schedule in Enrollsy
Set a custom auto-pay schedule in Enrollsy

Be sure to set up notifications that match their custom settings (if a notification is desired).

And above all, don't forget to hit save!

When you've saved the schedule, you will notice a new schedule at the top of the customer's auto-pay settings.

Custom auto-pay schedule in Enrollsy

It's important to note that adjusting someone's auto-pay schedule doesn't change the auto-billing schedule. This means that if you try to adjust an auto-pay schedule to happen more frequently than auto-billing, the result will probably not be what you want. For example, if you run both auto-billing and auto-pay monthly, and then switch someone to auto-pay weekly, there will in essence be no change. However, if you adjust their auto-pay schedule to run quarterly, they will build up a quarter's worth of charges from auto-billing over that time, and when auto-pay runs, it will collect them all.

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