Can someone besides the Primary Account Holder pay for all or some of tuition?

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14 Dec
4:16 pm

Enrollsy currently supports setting up multiple payers on an account that can pay for portions of the enrollment fees. To learn more, watch the video below.

One side note on payers: you will begin seeing the payer, their portion, and their balance the next time auto-billing runs. This amount will compound each time auto-billing runs if auto-pay for the portion fails. In the example from the video above, David Jenkins should have a monthly balance of $150 (or 50% of the tuition) applied each billing cycle. As long as he pays his portion, his amount will bounce back and forth between $150 and $0. If he has a failed payment, the next month's payment will be $300 (or two portions).

Payer portions in Enrollsy

We are working on a feature that will allow your customers to grant account access to other people for a variety of uses. One of these is going to be for making payments. When we are done, accounts with shared access will be able to set up and control their own portions.

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