How do I add another enrollee to an existing account?

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14 Dec
4:12 pm

Step 1: Find the account you want to add an enrollee to (The quickest way is to search using the search bar at the top of the page - see figure 1)

Step 2: From the search results, select the account you want to add an enrollee to

Step 3: Click on the blue plus button in the top right of the page where the Billing, Account, and other enrollee tabs are (see figure 2)

Step 4: Skip step 1 of the enroll form (unless you need to edit something at the account level)

Step 5: Add the enrollee's information

Step 6: Add the enrollee to a program or a waitlist

Search Accounts in Enrollsy
Figure 1 (Search by name, email, phone number, custom fields with an ID type)
Adding another enrollee to an account in Enrollsy
Figure 2 (The words Enrollee and Program are customizable and might be Student, Child, or Plan, Cohort, or something else for you)

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