How do I add new tags?

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14 Dec
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Where can I add or edit a "Tag"?

If you have access to manage your tags, you can edit your list of available tags by opening up the tag selection popup. You can open up the tags list by clicking one of two things:

  • The tags themselves, if the Lead or Enrollee has been tagged already.
  • A plus sign icon, if the Lead or Enrollee has not been tagged already.
Has been tagged
Has not been tagged yet

  • Add a new tag (blue, round plus button at the bottom) or edit an existing tag (pencil icon on the right of the tag).
  • Edit the tag's label, visibility setting, and color.

Making a tag visible to the Account or Instructor in their respective portals:
  • Setting the visibility to "Primary Account Holder" will show the tag to the user within their customer account portal.
  • Setting the visibility to "Instructor" will show the tag to the instructor within their portal (see screenshot below of what this looks like to the instructor).
Tags lists within Instructor portal

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