How do I apply a manual tuition charge?

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Sometimes you need to add tuition manually. Here's a few use-cases we hear from time-to-time:

  • An enrollee drops from a program and then comes back. You don't want to charge enrollment fees or anything else and there is no need for them to re-enroll, but it's the middle of a tuition cycle.
  • A family needs a one-off billing schedule for some reason.
  • You have a drop-in option and auto-billing is not possible. You need to charge for tuition on an as-needed basis.

Open the transaction drawer using the left sidebar Transaction item.

Search for the account and select the enrollment this tuition charge (or payment if you are trying to actually collect tuition) will apply to.

Step 2 of posting a manual tuition charge in Enrollsy

Scroll down and in the Set Up Charge section, check the Charge Tuition checkbox. If you need to modify the amount of the charge, do that.

Step 3 of posting a manual tuition charge in Enrollsy

Click post.

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