How do I charge a convenience fee or tax to customers on electronic payments?

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Do you have a convenience fee or a tax? You can configure Enrollsy to charge your customers a flat amount and/or a percentage of the payment amount.

We call this type of thing a "Payment Fee" in Enrollsy. The fee can be automatically attached to each payment from the enrollment form, from the customer portal, or from the Auto-Pay event.

  • Add a "Convenience Fee" charge item

To add a convenience fee. Head over to: My Company -> ITEMS tab -> blue, circle plus button on the "Charge Items" section. Here is a link to that page:

Make sure to check the setting "Payment Fee". See Figure 1

Figure 1
Figure 1

  • Then, you need to set the pricing on the new convenience fee.

Head over to your COMPANY settings page. My Company -> COMPANY tab -> Then the setting is called: Payment Fees - These can be changed on a customer account level". Here is a link to that page:

See Figure 2

Figure 2
Figure 2

Just make sure to click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the company settings page when you're done!

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