How do I charge a prorated enrollment fee from the enroll form?

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Where can I configure prorated enrollment fees?

If you have access to manage your programs, you can find a section called "Prorating" in a program's settings. Your programs management page can be found in your "My Company" settings. Or click here to go to your programs management page.

  1. Click on the program's pencil icon to edit.
  2. Click the checkbox labeled "Prorate charge items" within the section called "Prorating".

What can I expect to happen if I select a charge item to be prorated for a specific program?

If someone enrolls into a program after it starts, the enroll form will calculated a lower price to be charged. In order for Enrollsy to be able to calculate which days were missed and which days need to be paid from the enroll form, you will need to set the dates the program runs.

Here is an example of a program that recurs Monday - Friday every week, but takes major holidays off:

Here's a real world scenario

Let's say your program is a one-month long summer program or class. You set the dates to be every week day starting from the first Monday in August to the last Friday in August. Then someone decides to enroll on the 10th after it has started already. Let's also say you have a charge item called "Registration Fee" that is NOT set to be prorated and a charge item called "Summer Camp Fee" that IS set to be prorated. The enroll form will only count the weekdays from the 10th to the last Friday in August. It will use that ratio to charge a reduced "Summer Camp Fee" price (the "Registration Fee" price will remain unchanged).

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