How do I complete the Add Program section?

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Add Program Section

To make sure you're properly oriented, we are looking at the fist section of the Program Creation Form.

Add Program section in Create Program Form in Enrollsy
Section 1 - Add Program
Making Selections

When you make selections, you're simply creating the first of possibly many permutations or combinations of Program offerings you have. Don't get hung up on wondering how this all comes together, we promise it will all come together. If you find in this process that you are missing a Program Option or are missing choices within the ones you have, you can simply click the back button at the bottom of the page, add them in, and then start over.

Adding a first Program in Enrollsy
Adding a first Program
How it all works

In the example below, we show you the creation of a second program (which you won't be doing until you have finished completing your first one all the way). This second one has the same Program Name and Time, but a different schedule. The system keeps track of all the combinations you create and you'll see it all come together quite magically in the end. All you need to focus on is building the right offerings, one at a time.

Adding a second Program with a different schedule in Enrollsy
Adding a second Program with a different schedule
See for yourself

If you want to see how this structure plays out in the end before you create your first program, feel free to do a fake enrollment here.

If you missed the previous step you can go back to it here.

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