How do I create a waitlist?

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14 Dec
4:17 pm

Creating Waitlists is easy, as long as you have created at least one location, enrollment period, and Program. If you need help with that, please head over here.

To create a Waitlist, click on the Programs menu item in the left sidebar. Once there, select the Program you want to create the Waitlist in and then click the button on the right that says Add Waitlist.

If you want to set a capacity for your Waitlist you can, but it's not required, so when you're finished just click Submit.

It's important to note that since a Program can have more than one Class in it, the Waitlist applies to the Program and not the Class. If you restrict Waitlist entry by capacity, you need to know that the Program capacity is equal to the sum of the Class capacities in that Program.

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