How do I post a transaction?

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Sometimes you need to manually post a transaction to an account. This can be done easily by following these steps:

Open the transaction drawer using the left sidebar Transaction item.

-- or --

Open the drawer for a specific account by using the Post Transaction option in the Transaction History section of the Billing Tab:

Post Transaction from Transaction History

*If you used the Post Transaction button in STEP 1 then you can skip this step.

Search for the account and select the enrollment this tuition charge (or payment if you are trying to actually collect tuition) will apply to.

Step 2 of posting a manual transaction in Enrollsy

Click Post payment if you are wanting to just add a payment for something like a t-shirt. Optionally, you can also click Post charge if you want to have a bill attached to the payment. If the payment/bill is going towards a specific Enrollee's Program, then choose the correct program from the Enrollee Program dropdown list.

Step 3 of posting a transaction on Enrollsy
STEP 4 (Optional):

Add an internal private comment and/or a public memo comment viewable on the transaction history of the Account that is paying.

Step 4 of posting a transaction on Enrollsy

Choose the amount they will pay and the method used for paying:

Step 5 of posting a transaction on Enrollsy

Click Post and optionally choose whether or not to print a receipt:

Step 6 of posting a transaction on Enrollsy

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