How do I provide payment receipts and statements to my customers?

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Whether you are a company admin user or you are a customer logged into the company's online portal, you can print payment receipts and account statements.

See steps below to learn how!

Note: Currently, this print functionality is only available from the website application (logged in on an internet browser like Chrome or Safari). It is not available within the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Note: How do I get my tax ID number on these documents? You can add it by going to My Company -> COMPANY tab -> Tax ID Number -> Enter it there and click Save on the page.

First, make sure you're in the right place. From the company's online portal, customers can find their "Transaction History" by going to:

  • Top-right menu button -> Transactions


From an account's transaction history, you can print a payment receipt.

Step 1. Click Create Payment
Step 1: Click "Create Receipt" in the menu to the right of a payment transaction

Step 2. Select charge items
Step 2: Select "Charge" items to include as line items in the receipt

Step 3. Print receipt
Step 3: Click "Print" in the blue banner at the bottom of your screen

Account Statements

From an account's transaction history, you can print a statement of payments and transactions.

Step 1. Click the print icon
Step 1: Click the print icon and then "Print Statement" at the top-right of the Transaction History

Step 2. Select desired date range
Step 2: Select the desired date range and click "Print"

Printing Tips

A frequently asked question we get is

I don't want to print this to paper, I want a PDF or something to attach to an email message

Click here to learn how to do this on Windows or on a Mac

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