How do I require a document to be filled out or signed and uploaded?

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To add a document (not for E-signature) and to make it available for your customer to download, complete and/or sign, and then upload back to you, follow these instructions:

Head over to the My Company page and choose Forms > Documents.

Once you're there, click on the plus button in the dotted square under Required Documents (the final result should look similar to Figure 1 after you perform the steps below):

  1. Give your document a Title
  2. If desired, set an expiration date (meaning, this action will need to happen again at some point in the future or it will no longer be valid at the date set)
  3. Choose which entity level to require the document at (see below)

    Attaching documents at the Account Level will require that the primary account holder complete the document once per enrollee. So, if a family were to enroll one or many kids in one or many programs, it wouldn't matter....the document only needs to be completed one time. Once per account.

    Attaching documents at the Enrollee Level will require that the document is required once per enrollee. So, if this enrollee also gets enrolled into another program with this document requirement, this document requirement will already be satisfied. If however, another enrollee is enrolled into the same or a different program, they will be required to also have the document completed. Once per enrollee.

    Attaching documents at the Enrollment Level means that anytime someone is enrolled in that program, the document will be required. This ignores whether or not the student being enrolled is already in the program, has a sibling in the program, or has otherwise completed the document. Once per enrollment in a program with this requirement.
  4. Check the Require upload checkbox (unless this document will contain highly sensitive information)
  5. Upload a blank copy of the document you intend for the customer to download and/or complete or sign
  6. Click save

At this point, the document is ready to use, but the final step, after you've added the document and attached it to the right entity, is to decide if you want this document to be required automatically at the time of enrollment or if you want to send them manually on your own schedule, which you can learn how to do in this FAQ.

Adding documents for signature or upload in Enrollsy
Figure 1
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