I accidentally charged someone, what should I do next and will the customer see the charge?

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When you make a mistake on an account as it relates to a payment, here's what happens:

  1. The mistake is recorded in the transaction history, which both you and the customer can see (if by chance they are signed in to their account and are looking)
  2. The mistake can easily be fixed by you, after which the mistake will either be deleted or corrected by an additional transaction such as a credit

The Scenario

Let's say you accidentally charged someone for tuition ($150) twice; one charge happened automatically on the 25th of the month by Enrollsy's auto-billing system, and the other charge happened a few days prior because you forgot about auto-billing and manually added tuition. Then auto-pay ran on the first of the next month and collected $300 from the customer. You notice this before the customer says anything, and you panic.

The Solution

Don't fret. This is an easy fix.

  1. Open Enrollsy and search for the customer in the top search bar
  2. Scroll down to their transaction history
  3. Start by issuing a partial refund for $150
  4. Lasty fix the charges by either deleting the extra tuition charge you manually added or by adding a credit of $150

When you're done, the balance should be $0.00 (assuming they had a $0.00 balance to start with).


The Transaction History that is kept for each account is a credit and debit history. Charges result in debits to the account (meaning they owe you money). Payments result in credits to the account (meaning they paid you money). When a mistake is made in someone's financial account, the important thing to remember is that depending on what the mistake was, you may need to make sure and fix both the credit and debit side of the transaction.

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