I have an enrollee withdrawing from a program, what do I need to do in Enrollsy?

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28 Sep
10:51 am

Let's face it, not everyone sticks around for the long-haul. When someone cancels or withdraws from a program, it's important that you know what to do. Here's the simple two-step process:

Find the enrollee using the search bar in the top of Enrollsy

Search for enrollee in Enrollsy

Find the program they are withdrawing from and flip the switch to deactivate them. It's important to note that doing so WILL DO a couple of things:

  1. It will remove them from their class assignment
  2. It will turn off auto-billing

Also important to note, that doing this WILL NOT DO the following:

  1. Make the account inactive (read about how to do that here)
  2. Zero out the account balance. Any unpaid charges for this enrollment will remain on the account unless you remove them)

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