I've added all my Program Options, now how do I create a Program?

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14 Dec
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Once you've added all your Program Options (and don't worry if you missed some, you can always go back and add more or edit the ones you've added), you're ready to create your first Program.

Click the create Program button

IMPORTANT - If you haven't created your Program Options, start here and then come back to this step.

Create new Program button
Creating your first Program

Complete the Program setup form

We know this page can be daunting when it's blank and you haven't done this before, but it's not as bad as it looks and we will walk through each section one at a time so you can see how it all ties together.

Program creation form
Program Creation Form

We've added separate FAQ's for each section of the Program Creation Form. You can view the first of them here, or use the list below to go to the one you need help with.

FAQ's by section

Add Program
Enroll Form
Charge Items
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