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The Heart of Enrollsy

At the heart of Enrollsy is the concept of bringing payments and data intake together into one seamless experience. The Enroll Form is our customizable solution for streamlining enrollment. It integrates with powerful payment processing solutions and custom E-Signature workflows.

The 5 basic sections:

  1. Account Info - This is where we collect information about the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and/or the participating adult
  2. Enrollee Info - This is where we collect information about person who will be participating (might be the same as the Account)
  3. Program Selection - This is where the person enrolling makes selections from options you have made available. There are almost limitless possibilities for creating options. The final intent of this selection process is to arrive at a price and/or a series of selections required to complete enrollment. This section also provides a way for you to require additional information based on the program selected.
  4. Payment Info - This is where the person enrolling will enter their preferred payment method for enrolling, if payment is required. If not, this step will be skipped automatically. Note that Enrollsy offers both credit/debit card as well as ACH options for payment methods. You can offer either one or both.
  5. Confirmation - This is the final step of the process and includes a summary of enrollment(s) and charge(s) as well as password creation for account management and a final agreement to legal terms, policies, and/or other conditions that you set.

Field Types

  • Headers - used for visual distinctions between sections or questions.
  • Toggle - used for yes or no questions. These also allow for conditional logic based on the response.
  • Text Field - used for basic free-form responses and ideal for short-form responses.
  • Text Area - used for free-form responses that require long-form or multiple sentences/paragraphs.
  • Single Select - used for collecting standardized responses. Hint, you can create an "other" option on any single select list and create a nested text field with conditional logic that will only show the text field if "other" is chosen.
  • Multi-Select - used for collecting standardized responses just like a single select, but this time 1+ selections can be made.
  • Email - used for collecting emails. This field has validation which means only entries with an email format will be accepted.
  • Phone - used for collecting phone numbers. This field has validation which means only entries with a valid phone number will be accepted.
  • Date - used to collect a date in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Number - used to collect one or more numbers, with no exceptions.
  • ID - used to assign an ID to each Account. This ID can either be auto-generated or user generated.

Additional Options

  • Add a hint to each field
  • Add a custom icon (Material Icons or Font Awesome Icons)
  • Determine the width of the fields on desktop and mobile to streamline or customize the look of the form
  • Set a max length of characters allowed in the response
  • Control field position relative to primary and secondary account holder
  • Set conditional logic
  • Convert the question or label into a question format. The default length for a label is 75 characters. This means that a label "Emergency Contact" (17 characters) will work, but a longer label like "Does your child have any special needs or medical concerns that a doctor or medical professional has diagnosed?" (111) characters

Enrollment Links

Enrollment Links give you an easy way to funnel people from your website or social media pages or from a text or email directly, into the right Program or Class. In a variety of places throughout Enrollsy, you can find links to your Enroll Form.

Reservation System

Because the Enroll Form manages enrollment capacities, we also have a true Reservation-style system that prevents your Programs and Classes from being over-booked. When someone selects a Program or Class, that spot is being held or reserved while they complete their enrollment. If the enrollment is not completed within 20 minutes, the system will ask if more time is needed. If no response is received and the time runs out, the spot is released and made available to someone else.

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