Why are my customers not receiving email notifications?

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14 Dec
4:17 pm
There are usually two reasons a customer isn't receiving email notifications:
  1. First, they have mistyped their email address. This is unlikely if they completed the enrollment process on their own because they would have had to enter it incorrectly in the same way multiple times. The issue of a bad email happens most often when Enrollsy clients import data that was incorrect or manually enter an Account and have a typo in the email address. Sometimes people forward email, so please confirm with them that they are not forwarding email at the address on file with you to another address.
  2. Second, the customer has junk or spam filters that are preventing our servers from delivering the notification to their inbox.
So here's how to fix these two problems:
  1. Talk to the customer and update their email address in Enrollsy to the one they wish to use. Help them understand that forwarding emails can make this more confusing for them and to consider using the email they intend to access.
  2. Have the customer check their junk/spam folders. If the email(s) are not there, please have them try adding "support@enrollsy.com" to their email contact list.
One more important thing to make note of:

Sometimes people request a new password and claim they never received a notification or that they were unable to use the link in the email to reset their password. If this happens, you should rule out steps one and two above first and then read more about people who have received a password reset email but still can't reset the password.

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