How can I export enrollee/class data?

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You can export all or some of the rows of data in the Enrollees page. To export all data, simply check the box at the top (make sure you page through if you have a list of more than 100 and need to select all: you will be able to click select all on each page of the table until you see the correct total selected in the little bubble at the top). To export some of the data, check the box(es) next to the rows you want to export.

This view also allows you to filter and sort the data in the table. To filter, simply begin typing any value of the table into the filter area. For example, since the Class is one of the columns, you can start typing the name of the Class to filter down to enrollments that are in that class. You can also click the column headers to sort the table alpha-numerically according to that column.

Then use the export data button in the top right of the page to export all the enrollee/class data for the enrollments that are currently selected in the table. Open the exported data with whatever spreadsheet software you have and remove any unnecessary columns that were exported.

Export Data Button
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