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In our previous FAQ, we discussed how to select your first combination of Program Options to create your first Program. In this FAQ, we'll be discussing the possibilities the Schedule can unlock for you as you now begin to customize your first program.

Schedule Section

To make sure you're properly oriented, we are looking at the fist section of the Program Creation Form.

Schedule Section of the Add New Program Form
Enrollment end date

The enrollment end date section does just what it says: it hides this program from the enroll form starting from the date you enter in the box. People typically use this field when they want to close enrollment on a certain date in the future.

Days program runs

Use this multi-select field to choose the days of the week your Program runs on. You will need to accurately input this information for Prorating to work effectively since it uses the number of days a Program runs on to determine how much to charge someone, after taking into account the number of those days in a billing cycle (less any holidays that are set to occur in that billing schedule). Setting these days also makes it possible for you to allow people to choose from a flex schedule, where they might choose to attend on Mondays and Thursdays while another Enrollee might choose to attend on Mondays-Wednesdays. See How do I complete the Tuition section? for more on this topic.

Tuition has start and end dates

If your Program has formal start and end dates, you'll want to pay close attention to this section. Note that we aren't asking you to provide Program start and end dates, rather Tuition start and end dates. You'll notice a visually distinct box with Auto-Billing Cycle and Auto-Pay Cycle information in it. When you modify the start and end dates for tuition, you're updating the schedule printed below in that box.

At the time of this writing, Enrollsy sets your company-level Auto-Billing and Auto-Pay schedule, including the start dates for each. If you enter start and end dates for tuition and the dates in the box below don't update, it is most likely because there is a set start date at the company-level that conflicts with your provided dates. Please contact Enrollsy with the chat if this is the case.

If you don't set start and end dates, auto-billing and auto-pay will run indefinitely according to your company-level setting, or for as long as the Enrollee is active in the Program.

Is enrollment conditional on age?

If you need to make sure that Enrollees fall within a certain age range, you can set parameters in this section. The first section of the dialog lets you pick a youngest age allowed. The second section lets you pick the oldest age allowed. And the final section is an optional section allows you to set a date on which to apply these restrictions. If no date is selected in this step, the age restrictions will be enforced using the DOB of the Enrollee and the date of the enrollment.

Please note that you can have a youngest age restriction without an oldest age restriction and visa-versa.

youngest age allowed
Youngest age allowed
Oldest age allowed
Oldest age allowed
Age as of date
Optional age as of date
Set custom auto-billing schedule

Check this box if you want to have an auto-billing schedule that's different from what you have set at the company-level. Please note that changing this schedule does not have anything to do with the auto-pay schedule. If you need to adjust auto-pay schedules, that can only be done at the Account level, which you can read more about here.

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