How do I create a custom report in Enrollsy?

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This support article will discuss how you can create almost any kind of custom report using primarily two buttons on the Enrollee Table page.

Columns and Column Order

Clicking the Column Select button (See Figure 1 below) opens a drawer that allows you to manage columns and column order.

Column select button in Enrollsy
Figure 1 - Column Select button

Showing and Hiding Columns

When the drawer opens, the default tab is the SHOW / HIDE tab as you can see in Figure 2 below.

Column selector tabs in Enrollsy
Figure 2 - Tabs for showing/hiding columns and for ordering them

There are three categories of fields you can choose to show or hide using a "Select all" check-box or by selecting them one at a time:

  1. Base
  2. Program Options
  3. Custom Fields

Since custom field labels can be notoriously long we provide a way to create a nickname for each custom field label. In this way, you have the context of what the custom field label (or the intake question) is before you create a shortened column header using a nickname (See Figure 2).

Custom field alias in Enrollsy
Figure 2 - Adding a nickname to a custom field

Hint: Using nicknames keeps column headers from getting unwieldy:

Column length issue without using an alias
Figure 3 - Custom field without a nickname displayed in the table
Figure 4 - Custom field with a nickname displayed in the table

Reordering Columns

To reorder the Columns you have selected to display, switch to the Reorder tab and simply drag them up or down (See Figure 5 below). Then click done to make your changes take effect.

Reordering columns of data in Enrollsy
Figure 5 - Reorder columns

Custom table view in Enrollsy
Figure 6 - Custom table view in Enrollsy

Compare the table in Figure 1 at the top of the page to the table in Figure 6 above.

With this feature, you're able to control your views, which are unique per user. If you need to view certain information for enrollment purposes, but someone else you work with needs a view for billing purposes, you can each have your own. One of the next iterations we will be doing to enhance this feature is letting you save views.

Filtering Columns

Filters are powerful ways to further refine your dataset. Every field type has different options for filtering, so rather than explaining them all, here are just a few worth making note of:

  • Age filter and Account Balance - allow you to set a Min and Max value
  • Enrolled - allows you to pick a date range
  • Single and Multi-Select fields (including Program Options) - allow you to choose one or many options

When a filter has been chosen, it will show up as a chip that can be removed from the filter with a click (See Figure 7). We will also be working to add the ability to save these filters per user so that you can quickly access frequently used filters.

Filter chips in Enrollsy
Figure 7 - Filter chips in Enrollsy

Printing or Exporting Custom Reports

Once you have all your data prepared in the way you want it, you can print or export. To do this, first select the records you want to include (using the Select all checkbox or individual checkboxes to the left of the table) and then click the download or print icon (See Figure 8).

Print and download custom reports in Enrollsy
Figure 8 - Print and download custom reports in Enrollsy
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