How do I create custom activities?

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Before We Jump In, Some Info About Activities

Activities are recorded on Activity Timelines. These are historic records that are not deleted and available to the Admin, Teacher, and Customer Account views of Enrollsy and the apps. A few things to make note of:

  1. Activities appear within the context of these three entities:
    - Enrollee
    - Instructor
    - Class
  1. Activities have a display order. The display order on this page is the display order everywhere throughout Enrollsy and in the Teacher and Customer Apps. You can easily change the order by clicking on the 6 dots to the left of an activity's icon and dragging it up or down.
  2. There are system Activities. These are commonly used defaults that come with Enrollsy. You can hide all of them except the Check In and Check Out (if you don't need to use this activity, we recommend moving it to the bottom). If you hide an activity, you can see the hidden ones and add them back in by clicking on the Show Hidden link at the top right of the panel.

So here's how to create a custom activity:

Step 1 - Go to the Activities Tab

Head over to the Activities tab in the My Company Settings. If you're signed in, you can access it here.

You'll see a page like this:

Enrollsy custom activities page
Enrollsy's Activity Settings Page

Step 2 - Create the Activity for the right Entity

Select the entity for which you want to add an activity (Enrollee, Instructor, or Class). Then click the plus button inside the dotted box. You'll get a little drawer that will slide in from the right. In this drawer, you can name the activity, pick its icon, and choose its color. Click save, and that's it. You've created your first custom Activity!

Naming your custom activity in Enrollsy
Name the Activity, pick an icon, and choose a color

Step 3 - Order your list

Don't panic if you don't see your new Activity because it's just at the bottom of the list. Scroll down and click the dots to reorder your list as you see fit. That's it!

Reorder an activity in Enrollsy
Reorder your Activities

Learn how to run reports on Activities.

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