How do I sync my transactions with Quickbooks Online?

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Syncing with QuickBooks Online

If this is available with your paid plan of Enrollsy and your user role has the required permissions to perform this action, follow the steps below to get started!

If you are in the wrong place and need to view our help article about how to get started with QuickBooks Desktop version 2019+, click here.

STEP 1: Pre-Implementation training meeting step

Before we meet, please make sure you have a few things in order.

  • "Chart of Accounts": We need to know what account names you have in your company file in order to set your integration up correctly. From your QuickBooks Online company file, export your list of "Chart of Accounts" and send it to
  • "Products and Services": We need to know what item names you have in your company file in order to set your integration up correctly. From your QuickBooks Online company file, export your list of "Products and Services" and send it to They call it a "PRODUCT/SERVICE LIST". You can get to this report from "Sales" -> "Products and Services", then click "More" -> "Run Report".
STEP 2: Implementation training meeting

Click here to schedule a meeting with us

STEP 3: Getting ready for your first sync
  • Clean up your "Customer" records in your company file: QuickBooks Online uses the customer's name to identify itself. Because of this, Enrollsy has to have a standard of naming your customer records in place. For every account that exists in Enrollsy, every time you sync, our integration will automatically create a new customer record in your company file in QBO. If you already have customer records and you don't want Enrollsy to duplicate them, make sure you have them all named [LAST NAME], [FIRST NAME] with the comma character in the middle (Example: John Doe's customer name should read Doe, John). Every customer record that Enrollsy finds this way will be updated instead of duplicated.
STEP 4: Back up your company file in QuickBooks Online
  • ALWAYS back up your company file before syncing with a 3rd-party software.
  • Unfortunately, QBO doesn't offer a free continuous backup service unless you are on the "QuickBooks Online Advanced" plan. If you're not on their advanced plan, you can buy an add-on product for an additional $10/month. Their add-on product is called "ChronoBooks" and it is owned by Intuit (Quickbooks). Here is the link to get the add-on.
STEP 5: My first sync

Exporting customers records and transactions to sync with your QuickBooks company file for the first time

QuickBooks Online Export button
Step 5a: If this feature is available on your plan, within Enrollsy head over to your reports page to start the exporting process. MENU -> Reports -> QuickBooks Online Export
Step 5b: Select the date range to sync (one month at a time) & select the desired Classifications. Start by clicking "Start Sync". After this, you will start the integration with Enrollsy by authenticating with QuickBooks Online.

STEP 6: Errors when syncing!
  • If your import into your company file in QuickBooks Online was unsuccessful, please note the date and time of the error and screenshot/download any errors you are displayed and email
  • Revert your company file to your backup. We don't want corrupted data in your company file.
STEP 7: My second sync, and third, and fourth, and so on...

Repeat all sub-steps from STEP 4.

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