How do recurring fees work?

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Recurring Fees in Enrollsy


Recurring fees allow you to charge optional fees alongside of Tuition (or whatever you call your regular, recurring payments). They can be offered on the Enroll Form or added to an Account after enrollment has been completed.

Creating a Recurring Fee

To create a recurring fee, go to your Items page and click the blue plus circle in Charge Items.

Creating a recurring fee in Enrollsy
Adding a new Charge Item

Then, give it a name and if you'd like, a default price. Check the Recurring checkbox.

Setting a fee to recur in Enrollsy
Setting a fee as recurring

Next, decide if you want the fee to be available for selection on the Enroll Form. If yes, you will be presented with the additional options to make it a required fee or to hide it on paid-in-full.

Showing a recurring fee on the enroll form

Recurring fees are powerful options that extend what you can do with pricing. These fees are added to the Fee section of the Program Creation Form, which allows you to show or hide them on a per-Program basis.

Hint: To conditionally hide a fee in a specific Program that is on the Enroll Form and is required, simply change the amount of the fee to $0 in that specific Program.

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