With Reporting, Context is King

When you collect all your customer data in once place you get context and insight into your top opportunities and challenges.

Enrollsy reports put student/enrollee info at your fingertips

Accounts & Enrollees

Reports like class rosters, rolls, and summaries let you quickly see your customer information at once. Tags and other filters let you focus in on customizable data sets, making Enrollsy your go-to source for current information about your customer base.

Activity Reports

Dashboards & Financials

Dashboard reports quickly display payments received, enrollments, and program/class capacities. Financial reports give you easy access to payments and payment methods used, who is enrolled in auto billing and auto pay, who has an account balance and how long they've carried it, and more.

Enrollsy's dashboard shows enrollment and payment trends
Activities & Forms
Activity reports
Activity reports like daily sheets in Enrollsy
  • Full activity timeline
  • Custom activities
  • Attendance
  • Check-in/out
  • Meal attendance
  • Daily sheets
Activity timeline
Post photos and notes and check-in/out
  • Chronological history of activity
  • Visible in customer portal
  • Per student/enrollee
Forms Reports
See who has not e-signed their documents in Enrollsy
  • Signed/Unsigned forms
  • Expired forms
  • Soon to expire forms
All solutions

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