Software and Data Portability

Enrollsy builds software for enrollment-based companies. It just so happens that our first customer was a preschool, so we've grown quite a bit in that market over the past few years. Yet, we've learned a lot about the quintessential software needs of buyers in any industry. This post is about one such need, data portability.

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Preschool Accounting Software

Preschools and daycare centers have a lot to account for. Each family typically pays an enrollment fee, recurring tuition, and other fees for each child they enroll. Additionally, they likely have supplies and other items they need to purchase on a regular basis. Add to that keeping track of payroll and contractor expenses and you've got a fairly complete picture of what an accounting system will need to provide.

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Enrollsy's Embedded Enrollment Form

Most online enrollment solutions require that visitors are redirected to a hosted landing page. While you have control over what the page looks like, at least to a degree, there's nothing quite like Enrollsy's embedded enrollment form. Take a look and see if this isn't the kind of experience you want your customers to have with your brand. We're betting it is!

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Enrollsy has always been about putting our customer's brand experience first. We haven't always prioritized this as other features have been more critical to our customer base, but it's always been on our map. We recently released our first white labeling option, which will start the ball rolling! You can now choose a custom theme color to replace Enrollsy's primary blue color. This change swaps out every instance of our blue with your desired color.

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New Feature: Require Document Uploads from Your Enrollees

Enrollsy makes the collection of immunization records, signed state forms, or dental exams automated and even PAPERLESS!

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New Feature: Bulk Transactions

Everyone knows Enrollsy automates more manual tasks than any other enrollment software. But what about needing to manually add one-off transactions to a dozen, a hundred, or even a thousand accounts? We've got you covered with bulk transactions.

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Enroll Students To Your School's Capacity With Real-Time Reservations

See a Michigan education center's story and read Kristine C.'s full 5-star software review! Enrollsy rose to the challenge. This center's 2020-2021 preschool registration launch went above and beyond expectations. All the center had to do was sit back and watch hundreds of families' data and payments roll in. This is what they had to say about it, "A registration process that used to take weeks was accomplished in TWO HOURS!".

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New Feature: Online Content

Our new Online Content feature allows you to embed private Youtube/Vimeo videos, add Zoom/Google meeting links, or post a link to anything you want to share with your customers. All they have to do is sign in to their account and the content you've designated for their program/class is available!

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