Everyone loves the parent app.

Enrollsy's parent (or customer) app allow parents to sign in and pay bills, print receipts and statements, enable auto-pay, and enroll or re-enroll in your programs...with ease.

You can run your business while they run theirs.

Professional and Enterprise Enrollsy accounts include a free parent app. This makes it easy for you to run your business, while letting parents manage payments, enrollments, digital check-in/out, health checks, and more. Our data shows that you'll get paid faster too, so what's not to love? Now you're rockin' and enrollin'!

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Get a full-service implementation and transform your spreadsheets into powerful, accurate, searchable, and organized data. Simply enjoy a pressure-free evaluation of Enrollsy's features and benefits.


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Enrollsy is an internet enrollment software and the easiest, most affordable way to convert potential customers into auto-paying enrollees. Not everything easy is affordable. Not everything affordable is easy. Our lofty promise at Enrollsy is to provide you with a solution that's both.

Parent and Teacher Apps Available


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