Customer Relationship Management

With Enrollsy, enrollment interactions become frictionless, so everyone wins. There has never been a better time for a frictionless CRM experience.

Enrollsy provides a comprehensive CRM

what exactly is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a broad term. As a CRM solution, Enrollsy manages the full customer lifecycle, from a lead to a paying customer. This includes data storage, organization, reporting, and communication.

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Organize data and take action

Enrollsy has eight different views that organize enrollee and account data and provide users with a ton of options for interacting with their customers in meaningful ways.

Table view

Filter and sort
Create tags for custom sorting and organizing
Send a text message or email to one, some, or all
Download all known data for enrollees and account holders
Click on an enrollee or an account to access additional information
View account balance
View payment method(s) on file

Enrollee view

View all enrollees (active and inactive)
Add enrollees to the account
Enroll the current enrollee in another program
View active enrollments for each enrollee
Edit all enrollee information
Deactivate enrollments

Activities view

Create custom activities (e.g. Check-in/out, attendance, photos, learning outcomes, meals, etc.)
Log activities by users with a date and time stamp
Filter activities
Activity notifications
Create customized activity reports

Programs view

Create classrooms, stages, or other custom groupings
Share classrooms, stages, or groups across one or many programs
Assign instructors, teachers, coaches, facilitators, or whatever you call the people who run your programs
Manage classroom/stage capacities
Create waitlists
Text or email or perform other actions for one enrollee or their entire class/stage
Print or view rosters for your classrooms, stages, or custom groupings
Reassign or re-enroll
Filter and sort

Account view

Edit all account information
Add a secondary account holder (if applicable)
Edit or update custom fields
Send and receive 1-on-1 text messages
Add another enrollee to the account

Forms view

Access to digitally signed forms
Toggle between active and inactive enrollees
Filter all enrollees
Filter on signed/unsigned forms
Filter on expired and soon-to-expire forms
Powerful form finder tool for saving frequently used searches
Send one-off forms for e-signature
Bulk send and resend forms for signature

Leads view

Text or email one or many leads
Identify programs with the highest bounce rate
Filter and sort
Create tags for custom sorting and organizing
Sync leads with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other platforms

Billing view

Manage auto billing and auto payments
Manage discounts
Add/edit primary account holder's payment info
Add payers who can cover a percentage of the account's balance or pay for one or many enrollments
Create a custom billing and payment schedule unique to the account
View account balance and the entire transaction history (debits and credits)
View/print a statement based on a date range
Full and partial refunds
Create transactions and print receipts

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Enrollsy can’t be everything to everyone, but we can integrate with most platforms to unlock additional CRM functionality. Need a specific integration to get started? Let's hop on a quick call and see if we can't get it done for you.

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