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At the heart of Enrollsy is a commitment to simplify and digitize all kinds of enrollment.

Enrollsy online enrollment software

What is Enrollment?

Enrollment isn't just for healthcare and schools. Enrollment more broadly encompasses all activities required for on-boarding students, customers, vendors, employees, volunteers, etc. It's the exchange of information required to establish a business relationship: especially one that requires a recurring financial exchange or a periodic updating of information.

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The Value of Enrollment Data

Enrollment is like an upside down funnel. The quality, completeness, and accuracy of the data at the top of the funnel impacts the entire company’s ability to operate efficiently. When enrollment isn’t done right, everything at the bottom of the funnel is harder and more expensive.

If you sense that the top of your funnel isn't feeding your business the most complete or accurate data possible, or if getting that data is time consuming and difficult (e.g. includes a lot of manual data entry), we can help.

Enrollsy improves operational efficiency through online enrollment
The Modern Enrollment Toolkit
Enrollsy is a responsive application
  • Looks great on any device
  • Customizable
  • Field validation
  • Lead capture
  • Multiple enrollments at once
  • Payments
  • Email confirmation
Easily collect electronic signatures with Enrollsy
  • Professional PDF design
  • Pre-filled PDFs
  • Collect all required fields
  • Initials and signatures
  • Program-specific PDFs
  • Reporting
Data Flows
Enrollsy passes enrollment data into PDFs for e-signature
  • CRM
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • Customer Portal
  • Forms
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Enrollsy online enrollment software