Does your registration process take days or even weeks?

Many enrollment-businesses are drawn to Enrollsy because solving enrollment inefficiencies is our mission. This was the case at a Michigan education center that offers preschool and a number of other before-or-after-school children's programs. They took advantage of our white-glove implementation and we got them up and running for their first wave of enrollments. They needed a streamlined solution that would help them with, as they put it, "all aspects of registration, scheduling, and billing in one place" for their customers (over a thousand families).

Enrollsy rose to the challenge. Their 2020-2021 preschool registration launch went above and beyond expectations. All the center had to do was sit back and watch hundreds of families' data and payments roll in. This is what they had to say about it, "A registration process that used to take weeks was accomplished in TWO HOURS!".

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Finally, a software partner that will listen to your feedback.

The Problem

In this Michigan center's case, they had hundreds of families awaiting a "Registration is Open" email so that they could rush to enroll their child into his/her favorite teacher's class. Within minutes of opening online enrollment, one of the classes reached full capacity. At the exact same moment, as luck would have it, two families were enrolling into the last spot, which resulted in an overbooked classroom. This issue was reported to Enrollsy and we huddled together to figure out the best solution to this since the second wave of enrollment in April is historically twice as heavy as March's enrollment.

The Solution: Real-Time Spot Reservations

To solve this problem, we built a real-time reservation system feature. In your customized online enroll form, as your customer makes selections, their spot(s) will be saved until they finish and pay. If you have ever purchased a movie theater ticket or a plane seat online, you get the idea of how this works. Families' data and payment is collected on the enroll form and we are very serious about ensuring that you have confidence in that process.

I'm sure you're antsy to get your programs/classes filled to capacity this year. You can be relieved to know that Enrollsy can help get you there with confidence.

What your customer sees:

When your customer makes a selection, that selection is reserved, meaning the capacity for that program or class gets decremented and a timer begins. At five minutes, if the customer needs more time, they are presented with an option to extend their time. If they fail to complete the reservation in time, their reservation will be released.

What you see:

With Enrollsy, you see completed enrollments pour in without having to do, well, anything. How nice would that be?