Online coupon code usage rose 48% for 18-35 year-olds. Statistics also show that more than 62% of smartphone owners say they are likely to use online coupons more in the future. You can use online coupon codes as part of your marketing strategy to boost your class enrollments. 

Reasons to Use Coupons Codes 

Attract New Students

You can attract new students by offering a one-time discount in the form of a coupon code. Advertise this discount on your website, social media pages, bulletin boards, etc. You can also send this discount to any leads (people who have expressed an interest in what you are offering). 

Enrollsy offers a Lead page that automatically gathers information about anyone who enters at least one piece of contact information but fails to complete the entire enrollment process. You can send texts or copy emails directly from this page. 

Encourage Repeat Enrollments

Reward your current students by offering them a percentage off of their next class. Even a small benefit like this can help foster repeat business. Promote enrollment in long-term classes to students who enroll in a one-time class. Offer a promo code to students in a group class to increase one-on-one classes. 

Ways to Use Coupon Codes

Create Multiple Discounts 

With coupon codes, you can group discounts into one so they can be used on one enrollment. Say you want an Early Bird Discount and a Sibling Discount. With Enrollsy, instead of having two coupon codes; combine them into one and specify the discount amount off of what specific charge (tuition, registration, etc.). 

Make Make-Up Classes Easy 

No one likes to give refunds, but it’s inevitable that students will miss classes for one reason or another. Easily provide a student who misses a class with a coupon code for a make-up class, instead of providing a refund. 

Offer Family Discounts

Coupon codes make it easy to offer sibling or family discounts for families with multiple children. Offer percentage discounts off the second registration fee, or a “buy two, get one free” deal. 

Create Your Own Coupon Codes

So how do you go about creating a coupon code? With Enrollsy, it’s easy:

  1. Decide the name and “code” - Your name can include your brand. It should be short and catchy. For example, a coupon named "ABC Scholarship" might have a code like "ABCSCHOL". The code should be in all caps and short. Can’t think of one? That’s okay, we will generate one for you!
  2. Write an “applied” message - This is a message that will show on the Enroll Form once the coupon code is entered. For example, "This scholarship provides $100 off tuition each month"
  3. Expiration date and discount - Decide if you want an expiration date and which discount item the coupon will use (i.e, “Scholarship”). This allows you to run reports to see how much revenue is being given away in discounts of each particular kind you offer.
  4. Amount of discount - Next is the big part: how much will your discount be for and what charges will be discounted? This is where Enrollsy offers flexibility. Choose to discount every charge item or specific charge items. 

Learn more about coupon codes in our Support Center, or if you are a current customer, contact us via the in-app chat button. 

If you are not a current client and would like to learn more about coupon codes and the other ways Enrollsy can benefit your business by scheduling a demo to find out more.