We're excited to get this feature out and available to everyone who is now struggling to establish an online presence and needing to offer content in the face of COVID-19. Many businesses are starting to realize that even if things return back to normal, the threat of a pandemic is real and could continue.

It's smart to have a plan in place to quickly switch over to a more online-centric offering to make sure you can still provide value to your customers. This will create new opportunities for a lot of businesses to realize which parts of their business actually make a lot of sense to offer as online content.

This feature also allows you to market additional offerings and present them in a variety of ways, which of course only makes your brand that much more valuable!

Let's get into how the feature works!

Admin View

You can embed private Youtube/Vimeo videos or post a link to anything you want to give your customers access to (other examples might include a PDF worksheet, coloring pages, or anything in a Google Drive, Dropbox, or other online repository). You could also link to Google Forms for online quizzes, assignments, etc. All you need is a URL.

Customer View

When the customer signs into their account, they will be able to select from their list of enrollees, and see the content that you've added. There is no limit to how much content you can add and and how often you update it.

Pretty Easy!

We know times are tough right now and we're hoping Enrollsy's Content feature will help you get a good strategy in place for staying connected to your customers now and the future.