Do You Collect Documents at the Time of Enrollment?

Many businesses have documents that are required as part of the enrollment process. Enrollsy makes the collection of these documents automated and even PAPERLESS! With Enrollsy, there are 3 main types of documents we support.

  1. E-Sign Documents - These documents include contracts, liability waivers, and other regulated forms like state licensing forms that must have legally binding, court admissible signatures
  2. Non-Sensitive Documents - These documents might include handbooks, calendars, menus, marketing brochures, and other information
  3. Sensitive Documents - These documents are required, but should not be uploaded anywhere online (birth certificates and other forms of ID or highly sensitive information)

The purpose of this post is to explain how you and your customers can each use Enrollsy as a solution for signing, downloading, uploading, and viewing each of these document types.

E-Signature Documents

Currently, Enrollsy will need to help you create and connect these documents to your account. E-signature documents are PDF's that get pre-filled with the enrollment data collected from your customized Enrollsy enroll form and then digitally signed and initialed wherever necessary. Once signed, these documents come back into the platform for you to view/download. The great thing about these documents is that when you need to send them to a customer to sign at a renewal date, any updates that have been made to customer accounts since their first signature gets pre-filled into the new document and can be signed again. Enrollsy also allows you to bulk send documents at renewal times, which saves hours of back-and-forth with customers.

One of the primary advantages of e-sign documents is that you can make fields required or not and rest easy knowing that each of your packets is complete when you get it back.

Non-Sensitive Documents

Non-sensitive documents are documents (of any file type) you want to make available to your customers in the customer portal for download and/or upload. When you create a Non-Sensitive Document, you are given the option to attach a document that will be made available for download by your customer. The customer can download and print the document, provide any information, sign, etc. and then upload the document. Once uploaded these documents come back to you in Enrollsy so that you can download or otherwise keep track of who still needs to submit them using our convenient Document Finder button.

Sensitive Documents

Sensitive documents are often required, but we currently do not allow for these to be uploaded. We are working hard to allow for more types of documents to be securely stored. In the meantime we ask that our customers collect and store things like birth certificates, other forms of ID, and highly sensitive information in person.

So, if you're collecting these sensitive documents in person, why bother adding them to Enrollsy? Glad you asked. If you use Enrollsy correctly, you'll be able to track every single required document (including these sensitive documents which are being stored somewhere safe offline). When a sensitive document is received it can be marked by you as received. This means you can search for and find those with outstanding documents without having to dig through a filing cabinet. You can also easily send reminders to those who have not submitted sensitive documents.


Enrollsy makes it easy to manage the entire document process. Businesses and their customers can quickly, easily, and securely exchange, complete, and sign key documents.