The recent acquisition and takeover of Sandbox by Procare has left many Sandbox customers searching for an alternative software solution. With the abundance of options available, it can be challenging to find the right platform that will meet your needs. However, Enrolly has been a popular choice for those in the early childhood education space seeking for alternatives. In this blog post, we will outline why Enrollsy is the better choice for Sandbox users then continuing on with Procare and what our clients love about our platform.

User Interface

Enrollsy is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Our platform provides an easy-to-use navigation, featuring various tools and resources that will help you stay on top of enrollments, payments, check-in/out, and more. In contrast, Procare users tell us their platform can be complicated to navigate and requires an extensive learning curve before even basic tasks can be accomplished. Enrollsy's interface provides a seamless experience, reducing training hours and increasing productivity.

Consider what one Director said in terms of both the cost and ease of use when they made the switch from Procare to Enrollsy:

We are a faith-based, nonprofit preschool and did not need all the features we had to purchase with ProCare. Enrollsy was much easier to use, too.

You can read the full review here.

Customer Support

At Enrollsy, we believe that providing quality customer support is integral to our success. Our customer support team is always available to help you with any issues or queries you may have. We also provide training materials and resources to help you get started with Enrollsy. In comparison, Procare users often tell us they lack adequate customer service support, leaving their customers frustrated at times. Our support team is always willing to listen to your concerns and work with you towards solutions.

Here's what a Director who switched from Procare to Enrollsy had to say about our support:

The support staff have been so helpful and the software is very user friendly!

You can read the full review here.

Billing and Payments

Enrollsy provides a sophisticated billing and payment system that offers a wide range of payment options and allows users to automate invoicing and payments on a variety of schedules, reducing the hassle of manual handling. In contrast, Procare customers switching to Enrollsy often report their billing and payment system can be time-consuming and frustrating. At Enrollsy, we put effort into making sure our billing and payment systems work seamlessly, saving our customers valuable time and money.

The Director of a large independent school district had this to say about Enrollsy's billing and payments savings when switching from Procare to Enrollsy:

Collections take much less time and a large percentage of our enrollees are using autopay.

You can read the full review here.


Enrollsy offers a high level of customization, allowing users to create custom forms and customized workflows that meet their unique requirements. Our platform provides the flexibility that Procare lacks, making it easy to tailor the software to meet your specific needs. Our customization options ensure that Enrollsy is flexible enough to work across various industries and organizations.

Here's what a Director had to say about Enrollsy's flexibility:

Enrollsy rose to the challenge! Our scheduling needs are diverse and it has been challenging to find software to accommodate our needs. Enrollsy allows us to create any schedule we need and set parameters for those schedules during the online registration process.

You can read the full review here.

Robust Features

Enrollsy offers a comprehensive list of features that cater to a range of industries, including early childhood education, camps and sports, music and dance, etc. Our platform provides tools to manage schedules, automate workflows, communicate with customers, and generate reports. We also offer integrations with the tools you already use, like Quickbooks, making the transition process seamless. In comparison, Procare's features for these different industries and verticals are limited, making it challenging to manage everything you're doing in one place.

You can also check out what end-users who enrolled using Enrollsy with various service providers have to say on Enrollsy's G2 page.


In conclusion, if you are a Sandbox customer looking for a better alternative than Procare, Enrollsy provides a user-friendly, customizable, and robust platform that can help you manage your business more efficiently. Our platform provides quality customer service, making the transition process a smooth one. With our extensive list of features, you can streamline your business operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity and revenue. Join our community of satisfied customers today, and see for yourself why Enrollsy is the better choice for your business.