Why bother with white-labeling?

Ok, so I'll say it. White-labeling is one of those things that, for the most part, feels like a waste of time. I mean, it's not just white labeling that's the problem. It's all the setup you do when you start using any new piece of software. Adding an avatar alone consumes a small percentage of Gross Domestic Product. Remember the last time you did it? You had to spend 10 minutes searching your photos for just the right one. Then, you had to resave it in a different size so that it would upload correctly. While you were doing that, you got distracted looking at photos of your kids or last year's summer vacation. Multiply that by the millions of people using dozens of platforms, and there you have it, a genuine time suck.

So, is there a difference between software setup and white-labeling? Yes, and it's essential, especially when the software you use is customer-facing. Enrollsy has been planning for years to make our platform highly customizable from a branding standpoint. Getting in and adding general information and configuring the app isn't what we're describing. We're talking about giving you the control you need to make Enrollsy look and feel like an in-house software solution. This can make a big difference in how your brand is experienced by you, your employees, and your customers.

How it works

White labeling is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. If you don't see the option in the My Company > Company > Settings section when you sign in, please contact us using the chat button in the app, and we will add it for you. To change the primary color everywhere throughout the app, including on images, choose from a ton of presets, or if you're like me and prefer to use hexadecimal, switch between selection methods and enter your value. Last, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

One thing to remember is the contrast ratio. Be sure to choose a color that is easy enough to see on white so that the app is comfortable to use for you and your customers. Changing this color will also change the primary color everywhere in the teacher app and the customer app.


Color control is the first of many steps that allow our clients to customize the app's look and feel. See what a white-labeled enrollment form looks like on a website with Enrollsy's custom embed code.