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5 Best Tips to Train New Admin Staff on Technology

Having a system in place to retain existing staff and easily onboard and train new employees is critical, especially in our existing economy. Onboarding is vital to staff retention and can predict whether the employee will stay long-term. 

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The Case for Shadow IT

Good IT teams reduce the amount of software used by building great software and making good purchasing decisions for things they don't build. But in today's world, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for an entire company, so how do we overcome the problem of data silos? What was once considered Shadow IT might now be considered effective problem solving, without the need for IT.

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3 Easily Customizable Reports Your School Can Use Right Now

Scattering your data in various places makes it difficult to run a simple report. Imagine if you could sort and order all data collected during enrollment and be able to export or print that data into a report? See how easy is to make three custom reports: Demographic Profile, Emergency Contacts/Info, and Student Lists in Enrollsy.

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10 Best Practices when Text Messaging Your Customers

Are you still emailing your customers? While email works great for some things, the vast majority of people today (as suggested by the data) prefer to use texting. In this post we'll review some best practices for texting your customers.

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Three Keys to Building a Website Focused on Driving Enrollment

Looking to build or refresh an enrollment website? In this post we break down three key areas to focus on before you get started. Do the work upfront to ensure that you can connect with your target customers and bring them through an enrollment funnel that will delight.

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How to Create and Save Passwords to Avoid Being a Cyber Victim

We live in a day of passwords and while the rising generations are pretty savvy and can self-serve when it comes to managing their passwords, sometimes your users might need more assistance and hand holding. While this post highlights how our Enrollsy clients can help their customers with password issues, similar principles apply to any software company.

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